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Setting up Anti-passback


This is a security feature on access control,  it is a control implemented in the access systems to prevent a person that just entered  a controlled area from giving his/her Card or tag to another person or using their fingerprint to allow them access to that particular area. Without this control more people than the authorized could access a controlled area with one card or tag. 

The benefits of Anti-passback:

  • It prevents the same tag, card or fingerprint from being used more than once to gain entry to a controlled  area, unless they clock out first. 

  •  It prevents a tag, card or fingerprint from being used until the system detects a pass from the opposite side, an entry will not be allowed until an exit is detected. 

To set up Anti-passback, one can do it on the device but the setup differs with each device. You can also do the setup using a tool if the devices are connected to a controller (Contact Binary City for assistance).

The screenshots below illustrates how the Anti-passback setup works.

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