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Introducing Touchless Biometrics  

The future is here!  

Get time & attendance records, or open any door in your building by simply looking at the device.  No touching whatsoever.



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Complex Management Solution  

Make it safe in your complex!  

Access your complex with fingerprint or touchless biometrics, invite visitors electronically, and throw away that dinosaur remote.  



Binary City Time  

Time & Attendance  

  • Calculates overtime based on unlimited number or rules  

  • Overtime approval

  • Clocking records synchronize seamlessly with a range of hardware devices (no matter where they are located)  

  • Scheduled emailed reports  

  • SMS (Text message) reporting  

  • Integrate with any payroll solution  

Access Control  

  • Manage physical access control  

  • Setup areas and groups to easy segregate which person may access which area of any of your buildings  

  • Combine large building groups into a single solution so that staff can move between buildings / towns / countries / continents and have the access they need  

  • Report on anything, as it happens  

Complex Solution  

  • Support one or multiple complexes i oe solution

  • Control the number of occupants allowed per unit.  Perfect for any building, especially in controller environments such as student accommodation

  • Access control rules are automatically applied to occupants  

  • Allows for document uploading  (ID, Lease Agreement, etc.)  

  • Access automatically expires when the lease agreement expires.

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Join us and make your company a better place.  

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Domain Hosting  

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G Suite for Work  

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3CX PABX Solutions