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BC Time v.2 login URL address is https://time-v2.bcity.me 

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Terms of use 

Terms of use - This document, together with the privacy policy, details of the legal detail that our clients agree to when using our system

Privacy  policy

Privacy policy - This document explains how we use the data.

Data set information 

Data set information - This document is related to the data that store on both Binary City Time, as well as on any devices.

Technical documentation

Technical documentation - This document for our client's IT departments and explain how the system connects, including detail about the security of the application.


Manual - This is the official Binary City Time manual

API Documentation

API Documentation - Binary City Time API was created to enable 3rd party applications to retrieve and send data to Binary City Time.

Frequently asked questions

What is the URL where I log into Binary City Time?

  • Time V2 -> https://time-v2.bcity.me

Is there a manual with full documentation of Binary City Time?

Yes, once logged into Binary City Time, simply click on "My Account" and refer to the "Terms and Conditions" section, and click on "Manual", or access the Resources page.

My device time is not correct - how do I fix it?

The computer (or server) where Time Comm is installed, updates the time on any device connected to Binary City Time. If the time on the device is wrong, the time on the computer (or server) where Time Comm is hosted, is also wrong. Especially with the recent time zone changes made by Namibia, we found various computers were not updated by the patches released by Microsoft. Once patched properly, and your computer time is correct, the device time will automatically synchronise correctly.

My data isn't syncing from the devices to Binary City Time?

This only happens when the Time Comm service isn't running. Most frequently, this is because the computer where Time Comm is installed, is not online. Simply start the Time Comm service, and data would start syncing by itself.

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