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An intelligent cloud application engineered to manage Time & Attendance and Access Control.

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BC  Time  is the pro solution for all workforce driven enterprises. This includes global scaled corporations, who require a sustainable solution with performance, efficiency, innovation and peace of mind support.

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BC  Time      raises the bar on performance

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Employees simply verify themselves at a biometric clocking terminal, either by using their Face, Palm, Fingerprint or RFID card, and BC Time accurately processes that clocking data for Time & Attendance and simultaneously enforces pre-determined protocols for physical access to a particular area.
Binary City Time automatically calculates the clocking hours for normal time, overtime, double time, short time, etc.. System Users get notified on late arrivals, absent team members and almost any other report one may need. Synchronise data seamlessly with your payroll or identity provider system for accurate records.

Human Resource Departments love it because it's easy to use, accurate and saves so much of their time. 
Business Owners, Board Members, Private & Governmental Institutes love it because our solution offers a culture of time respect at the workplace, eliminates time theft, stabilizes payroll budgets, incredible data security standards and having access to a highly reliable & experienced technology partner - Binary City. 

Employees love it because they get paid accurately without any overtime mishaps and payment errors due to incorrect time keeping. Also, using our touchless biometric solutions means no more signing timesheets or having the need to carry key are the key.

IT Heads love it because of our amazing integration capabilities, quick support and innovative thinking by the BC Time Team.

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Every person that logs into Binary City Time is a BC Time User. Typically HR managers, business executives, site managers, etc., who will have predetermined levels of access to the system depending on their role in the business. 




General employees do not have access to BC Time. However all employees details and biometrics will be pre-enrolled onto the system with allocated overtime rules and given the correct access control protocols to approved areas.


Allow visitors access to your building without compromising on security. Allow access to only designated areas. Enabled with automatic access expiry date & time. Visitors only need to be enrolled once and are continuously activated and deactivated for secure repeated visits.



Biometric Devices

Set up biometric terminals as a Time & Attendance and or an Access Control type of device with area location. BC Time receives clocking data via the cloud.  For a list of devices, view our online shop.

Overtime Rules

An unlimited number of overtime rules can be created in BC Time. Each with its own optional shifts & overtime rules that employees are assigned to....and like magic, BC Time does the rest.




Overtime Approval

If you want a bit more control over the overtime calculations then overtime approval is an absolute must. Lets go BC Time Premium!

Payroll Integration

Accuracy demanded. Accuracy delivered.....BC Time!

We allow for payroll batch creation which can be imported into any payroll system, or by making use of our API, you can synchronise your employees seamlessly between Binary City Time and your payroll system.



Calculated Reporting

Draw reports on demand or schedule them to email. Expect to see overtime reports, absent reports, late arrival reports and so much more as 'standard features'. (Hope our competitors are reading this)


When you think BC Time, think 'Peace of Mind'!

At Binary City, we do not purchase any system that doesn't provide great support. In turn, we believe in the same philosophy with Binary City Time.

We have a dedicated support team in both software (Binary City Time) and hardware to make sure you get the best possible help when you need it. We constantly invest in better tools and staff to assist our clients where they need help. Our support is available on a 'Service Level Agreement' or 'Ad Hoc' basis. If you need support, simply contact us.




BC Time Monthly Subscription



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Per User

74 .75

/ month
VAT included

Per Device  

28 .75

/ month
VAT included

Per Employee

6 .33

/ month
VAT included
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Over a decade of development has gone into this incredible business solution. Created by Africa's clocking masters...Binary City.

Millions of secure clockings, thousands of employees.......easy, secure, accurate!

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