Power of BC Time

Watch a short introduction of Binary City Time software application.

Binary City Time

A cloud based Time & Attendance and Access Control application that's available from anywhere and from any device.

Binary City Time is the go to solution for our customers that want to easily and accurately calculate clocking hours in real time into, amongst others, normal time, overtime, double time and short time as well as manage access control in one solution. It has the optional capability to synchronise seamlessly with your payroll or identity provider system for accurate records.


Every person that logs into Binary City Time needs a secure 'user account' that only allows you to do what you should be able to.

Binary City Time allows you to create users and groups, assigning an unlimited number of combinations of access to each user or group. Users can be assigned rights directly or by assigning the user to a group (where the access is already defined). This setup allows your system to be very secure with only access granted as need. Ensuring that you can always trust the data that is in Binary City Time.


The most valuable asset to any business are employees.  In this area of Binary City Time, we manage these valuable assets.

Each employee record registers the basic information of your staff : Name, surname, department, branch,  starting date and most importantly - the overtime rule that the employee’s hours should be calculated on. You can also assign employees to a group or multiple groups in order to give the employee access to areas in your environment.


Everyone invites people that don't work for you to your buildings - this is where Binary City Time's visitor management comes in. 

Allow visitors access, securely and to your building without compromising on security.  You'll also have a permanent record of when the visitor accessed areas of your building and where the visitor went. In line with streamlining processes, you can activate(with an expiry date) and deactivate the visitor continuously for repeated visits.


Managing biometric devices are done right in Binary City Time.

When setting up devices in Binary City Time, a whole number of configurations are done to let you get the most out of that device. You'll set up the devices as a Time & Attendance only, Access Control only or both type of device. You'll also indicate to which area does the device take you as well as the network configuration.  For a list of devices, click here.

Overtime Rules

Calculating time & attendance hours require a dynamic and flexible set of rules.  This where our overtime rules come in.

An unlimited number of overtime rules can be created. Each with its own optional shifts and employees are then assigned to an overtime rule. Then, like magic, Binary City Time does the rest. Calculated hours are split as you need it but, typically into Normal, Overtime, Sunday Time, Night-Time and Short Hours. 

Overtime Approval

If you want a bit more control over the overtime calculations than just calculating what staff worked - overtime approval is the way to go.

Overtime approval is available as a premium function of Binary City Time and allows you to set up rules to pre-authorise, and authorise on demand, hours worked by your employees. It's an invaluable tool to manage overtime expenses.

Payroll Integration

Double capturing is the number 1 reason for unnecessary mistakes and additional administrative costs. By using Binary City Time's payroll integration, makes your payroll process completely accurate.

We allow for payroll batch creation which can be imported into any payroll system, or by making use of our API, you can synchronise your employees seamlessly between Binary City Time and you payroll system.

Plans & Billing

We believe in a fair usage charge for Binary City Time and we allow for the managing of your bill directly in Binary City Time in our Plans and Billing section.

Under the plans and billing section, you can get an exact estimation of how much you will pay for your Binary City Time subscription. We allow for a number of options to make the system affordable to you.

Calculated Reporting

Using the reports from the system is the end goal of Binary City Time and this is where you'll gain the insights into the information that we prepare for you.

We have a number of reports available that you can draw on demand or schedule to an email. Amongst others, our reports covers summarised overtime reports, absent reports, late arrival report, who is (or was) in what area (at a specific time), how much time is spent by staff in a certain area and many more.

How does support work?

At Binary City, we do not purchase any system that doesn't provide great support. In turn, we believe in the same philosophy with Binary City Time.

We have a dedicated support team in both software (Binary City Time) and hardware to make sure you get the best possible help when you need it. We constantly invest in better tools and staff to assist our clients where they need help. Our support is available on a 'Service Level Agreement' or 'Ad Hoc' basis. If you need support, simply contact us.

API Functionality

Developers love Binary City Time - We provide a Rest API that you can use to integrate any of your systems with Binary City Time.

Typically, our clients use the API to do integration between their payroll system or identify providers(such as Active Directory) and Binary City Time. Case studies are available upon request (and will be available here soon). While your own developers can use the API to develop any of your requirements, we also offer this service to you through our development department.

What does it look like?