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Ensuring Time Comm is running

How to ensure Time Comm is running


  • Check if Time Comm has communicated with the API in BC Time

  • Open the Time Comm application and ensure it is running

  • Starting the Time Comm service

  • To prevent Time Comm from stopping, Ensure you have the time comm starter configured on your task scheduler

Step 1: Once logged into the system, click on API Authorisation(s) | Manage 

Step 2: Then select the API (named differently) with Type Device Communication

Step 3: Then click on the Comm. app details tab

Step 4: Check if the time stamp under Last comm.: matches your current time on your computer 

Step 5: Locate Time Comm on your computer under Program Files or Program Files (x86) in your Local Disk or C Drive or follow the following location paths:

C:\Program Files (x86)\TimeCommMan 

C:\Program Files\TimeCommMan

Open the TimeCommMan application

Step 6: Select Service from the Title Bar

Step 7: Click the Start Button if Time Comm indicates Stopped or click the Restart button

Status should then indicate Started

Note: Once Time Comm starts successfully, a default schedule runs every quarter of the hour to pull your attendance into BC Time. Check your attendance again after the next run for attendance


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