Here you can manage people who may visit your office and need access to certain areas, even though they are not employed by your company.


Step 1:  Choose Manage

Notes on Visitor(s) landing page:

  • You can filter to view active or inactive visitors
  • All branches:  You can filter your visitors by the branch that they are allocated to
  • Search Visitors:  You can search for a specific visitor whose details you which to view
  • You can export the list of Visitor(s) in either PDF or CSV format by clicking on the option

Step 2:  Click on the ellipses button (dots) and select New

Step 3:  Enter the Visitor's details

Step 4:  Enter the device details

Device ID
API Sets the Visitor's ID on the device(s)
Device privilege
Here you can choose if a visitor is an Enroller, Administrator or Common user
Password (PIN)
Here you can enter a PIN for the visitor to clock/gain access with
Card number
If the visitor is making use of an RFID card or Tag, the number can be entered here
Time zone group
Assign the visitor to a time zone
Choose when the visitor's access will start
Ends atChoose when the visitor's access will expire

Step 5:  Link the visitor to a Group


Groups are granted access to different areas when using security, thus visitors are linked to the group, which, in turn, is granted access to a specific area

Step 1:  Choose Group(s)

Notes for visitor groups:

  • Name:  shows you a list of all the group names
  • No. of visitor members:  Show you the number of people assigned to the group
  • You can export the filtered or unfiltered Visitor(s) group entries in either PDF or CSV format by clicking the option

Step 2:  Click on ellipses button (dots) and select New

Step 3:  Enter a name for your group

Step 4:  Click on Members

Here you can search visitors and add the visitors to the group that you created

Step 5:  Click on Areas

Here you grant the group access to the areas where visitors should be able to visit

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