API & device(s) status

This view shows you a colorful presentation of the activity of your devices. The report provides API, device(s), and template(s) status information.


There are three intervals, Today, Yesterday, 2 or more days ago, which report on the status of the API, device(s), and templates. Preferably the status of these should be green but an orange or red status should cause concern as reporting will be affected.

By hovering your cursor over the black tabs on the left-hand side of the screen, you will notice a pop-up screen that gives you the option of selecting user(s) to receive emailed reports for the specified interval.

Audit trails

Everything that is done in the application is recorded in an audit trail.

The following Audit trail types are available:

  • API authorisation(s):  Records actions related to API authorisations
  • Area(s):  Records any changes made related to Areas
  • Attendance detail:  Records any changes made to attendance records
  • Batches:  Records all changes made to Batches
  • Branch(es):  Records al changes made to Branches
  • Comm. commands:  Records all Comm. commands detail
  • Company profile(s):  Records all Company profile details - who was linked, etc.
  • Department(s):  Records all changes made to Departments
  • Device time zone(s):  Records all changes / additions made to time zones on devices
  • Device(s):  Records all changes / additions made to Device details in the system
  • Employee group(s):  Records all changes / additions
  • Employee leave:  Records all employee changes / additions
  • Overtime rule(s):  Records all Overtime rule changes / additions
  • Pay run(s):  Records all information related to pay runs
  • Time zone group(s):  Records all changes / additions made to Time zone groups
  • User group(s):  Records all changes / additions made to User groups
  • User(s):  Records all changes / additions made to Users.  This includes login information.
  • Visitor(s):  Records all changes / additions

The following details can be viewed in the audit trail:

  • Date: Date of action
  • Day: Day action took place
  • Time: Time of action

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