Here you get to manage the devices on the profile.  You can add, remove and verify that devices are online at this section.


Step 1:  Click on Manage to view devices currently linked to your profile or add new devices.

Under this view, you'll be able to see the devices linked to your profile as well as their connection and communication status as indicated in the example below. The device name, product type selected for this device, the device serial number, the specified connection method, connection value (device IP), device check-in status, templates communication status, and the attendance communication status.

Step 2:  When adding new device(s) click on the ellipses button (dots) and select New.

Step 3:  Enter the device details under the General tab


Give your device a name that will make it easily identifiable to you 


Choose the type of device you have from a drop-down list

Serial number

Enter the serial number (can be found on the side of the box your device came in, or on the back of the device)


  • Time & attendance - device used for time & attendance only

  • Security - device to be used for access control/security purposes only

  • Time, attendance & security - device to be used for both time & attendance, as well as access control/security

Step 4: Enter the details under the Clock status & Area(s) tab

Here you choose whether the device registers clock-in or clock-out and assign to which area the device and the slave goes. If only one device set up for time & attendance, clock state is determined by the device, which means the check state will be determined by the selection made on the device. Automatic, Sequential is a (beta) feature that manages clocking states by ordering them sequentially for a small, single shift and single device setup.

Step 5:  Enter the device's Communication details


Select the branch this device will be used for

Connection method

The connection method is either Internal IP, External IP or Host

IP / Host

Enter the connection value


Enter the port

If you want to delete a Device

Step 1: Click on the Device name you want to delete

Step 2:  Click on ellipses button (dots) and select delete

Step 3:  Confirm the delete

Time zone (s)

Here you give access to your employees during which time periods they are allowed to clock / enter specific areas (when using Security)

Step 1:  Choose Time zone(s)

Step 2:  Click on ellipses button (dots) and select New

Step 3:  Give your time zone a name

Step 4:  Set up the Per day time span under the setup tab

Time zone group(s)

Time zone group(s) is where you assign different time zone set up to groups

Step 1:  Choose Time zone group(s)

Step 2:  Click on ellipses button (dots) and select New

Step 3:  Give your new time zone group a name under General

Step 4:  Under the time zone(s) tab, link your time zone group to the different time zones that you have set up.


Here you set up the different areas and which groups have access to them (security devices)

Step 1:  Choose Area(s)

Step 2:  Click on ellipses button (dots) and select New

Step 3:  Enter a name for your area under General

Step 4:  Grant employees access to an area by linking a group to the area under Employee group membership

Step 5:  Grant visitors access to an area by linking a group to the area under Visitor group membership

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