BioTime 8.0

Notes on the BioTime landing page:

  • Select your date range

  • All statuses:  Here you can filter, based on the progress of the BioTime commands that you want to see

    • New: to view BioTime commands that are sitting under the new status

    • In progress:  to view your BioTime commands that are being processed

    • Successful:  if you want to see BioTime commands that are on successful status

    • Failed:  to view failed BioTime commands

    • Cancelled:  to view cancelled BioTime commands

  • Created:  shows you the date and time that the command was created

  • Object name:  shows you the name of the employee on whom the commands are running

  • Status:  reflects the standing of the commands

  • BioTime 8.0 API URL:  this reflects that the command is running on your employees via the API

  • BioTime 8.0 API data:  this reflects the data that is being communicated by the BioTime API for your employees

  • Tr(y)(ies):  show you the number times a command ran before it was successful

  • Next try:  shows you the number of minutes before the command runs again after a failed attempt

  • Last try failed message:  shows you the last failed attempt's message

  • To view your filtered items, you will have to select the (now orange) refresh button

  • You can export your filtered / unfiltered items to pdf by selecting the option

This tab will only be available for clients with a BioTime Setup

Step 1:  Click on Pending updates

Here, you get to view running commands for any changes done on a BioTime Setup.

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