Step 1:  Choose Manage

Step 2:  Choose your Pay frequency

Step 3:  Click on Payroll export set-up

Here you choose your type of payroll  system, and set up the batch layout for the export.  If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note, if you are making use of VIP payroll, you will also need to update your VIP companies.  You may use Groups to link your employees to the various VIP companies (if you have more than one company)

Step 4:  Click on Pay run(s)

Please note the first pay run will load automatically, but this may need to be edited by clicking on the dates.


Step 5:  Choose the Start and End dates for your pay run

Pay run(s)

Step 1:  Choose pay run(s)

Step 2:  Click on the batch pay run you wish to run.  Please note, in order to run a batch pay run, all previous batch pay run(s) need to be marked as completed.

Step 3:  Click on ellipses button (dots) and then click on Export, to export the pay run to your payroll system.  An external batch file will be downloaded, which should then be uploaded in your payroll system.

Step 4:  Once you have completed upload into your payroll system and you are satisfied that everything is 100% in order for the past month, you may click on "Mark as completed".  Please note, once a batch pay run has been marked as completed, you will no longer be able to make any changes to the date range in question - this includes changes to attendance date / times.

Notes for Pay run(s):

  • You can apply a filter by date range and also the type (in progress / completed) of pay run which you wish to view
  • After applying the filter, you will need to click the (now orange) refresh button to load your selection

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