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Employees are the people who will be authenticating on any of the devices connected to the company profile.  Employees need to be loaded with the following compulsory details:

  • First name

  • Surname

  • Payroll number

  • Branch

  • Department

In the background, the following data synced from the biometric devices are also stored:

  • The fingerprint templates in ZKTeco's proprietary V10 algorithm format

  • The pincode registered for an employee (if available)

  • The RFID card registered for an employee (if available)

Optionally, an employee is then also linked to:

  • An overtime rule (Explained in detail in a later section of this document):

    • If reports such as overtime calculations, late comers, short hours, etc. are to be used, overtime rule set ups are required.

    • Employees can be moved between different overtime rules by linking an employee to another overtime rule with an effective date.  This is helpful in various scenarios, but as an example:  If employees in different departments, work on different rules or shifts, and a person is transferred between departments.

  • One or more groups:

    • Groups can be used for various reasons, which include, but not limited to, the following:

      • Filtering employees for reporting purposes

      • Allowing employees to only authenticate on designed devices

      • Doing payroll integration might sometimes require that only certain employees are included in integration processes, and these can be defined by using groups

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