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BioTime device Communication (Biotime Technical documentation)

BioTime device Communication

When a device is configured to communicate with BioTime, the device is added to BioTime under the unauthorized area.

If a device is assigned to an unauthorized area, no communication will go through to this device.

Binary City Time has a schedule to pull BioTime devices, this will bring in the devices into the Binary City Time with auto add as the name and the client's public IP address as the IP.

Once a device is assigned to an area, the correct IP address and the device model will be updated in Binary City Time.

Employees or visitors that belong to the same area as the device will be synced to the device too.

Devices connected to Binary City Time through BioTime do not make use of employees' device ID in Binary City Time but rather the payroll number, which becomes the employee code in BioTime.

With visitors, the visitors’ device id is set as the employee code, consultants are advised to please make sure that if the setup is for a client that already has devices with data on it, the BioTime option to download data  from the devices should be disabled and the devices are cleared.

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