Best Time & Attendance and Access Control Provider 2023 - Namibia

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Best Time & Attendance and Access Control Provider 2023 - Namibia
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We won an award... Brilliant! 

Best Time & Attendance and Access Control management system provider 2023 - Namibia

As a leading independent technology specialist in Namibia, we are proud to announce this latest achievement—the prestigious African Excellence Award for the Best Time & Attendance and Access Control Management System Provider in 2023. This esteemed recognition, presented by the MEA Markets, further confirms Binary City's unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of Time & Attendance and Access Control solutions.

Elevating service deliver in Africa

With over 14 years of dedicated service to clients throughout Africa, Binary City has consistently set new standards in the industry by offering cutting-edge solutions and outstanding customer service. Our mission is to provide easy, secure, and accurate solutions for businesses of all sizes. From small enterprises with 5 employees to large corporations with over 5000 employees. Every company is deserving of great solutions & technologies but, not just any tech, it's African technology!

Best time and attendance and access control system BC Time with Biometric device

Innovation and excellence

Binary City's journey to becoming the Best Attendance & Access Control Management System Provider in 2023 is marked by a history of innovation and excellence. In 2010, Binary City introduced its first Time & Attendance software solution, "SmarTime." This marked the beginning of a series of groundbreaking developments in the field.

In 2016 Binary City released its flagship solution to the African markets. The cloud-based version of SmarTime, Binary City Time, known today as "BC Time". BC Time has become widely recognised for its accuracy, efficiency, security, and accountability, surpassing industry standards in all aspects.

Compliance and Security

We've placed a strong emphasis on compliance and security in BC Time, adhering to labor regulations, offering real-time system audit trails, implementing two-step verification, and maintaining data privacy compliance. Hosting its services on the secure AWS platform. BC Time also undergoes independent annual audits to ensure the utmost security.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

BC Time offers real-time data insights, customisable reports, and various reporting options, including attendance reporting, absenteeism reporting, late arrivals reporting, and more. SMS notifications keep clients informed and empowered.

We do more

CCTV camera, gate motor, boom gate, turnstile installation hikvision zkteco centurion hard office and home installations

Binary City's expertise extends beyond Time and Attendance & Access Control solutions. We also do CCTV camera installations, gate motors, garage doors, battery replacements, alarm systems, electric fencing, and other home and office installations & repairs.

We're grateful

Binary City's recognition as the Best Time & Attendance and Access Control Management System Provider in 2023 - Namibia by MEA Markets is a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence and its commitment to providing innovative, efficient, and secure solutions to clients in Namibia, and Africa. We are very grateful for this and could not have gotten this far without our unwavering support of our incredible clients and dedication of our team. Binary City will aim to continue to lead the way in technology solutions. You have our promise, to deliver solutions that are easy, secure, and accurate. Ensuring every solution we provide lives up to its core intentions and values.

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