A Namibian collaboration that benefits your business and your employees

28 June 2024 by
A Namibian collaboration that benefits your business and your employees
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A strategic collaboration that promises to bring unparalleled value to our clients

In the heart of Namibia, two trailblazing companies have joined forces to safeguard and involve the landscape of labour relations and business solutions. Binary City and Labour Dynamics, both leaders and innovators in their respective fields, are excited to announce this strategic collaboration that promises to bring unparalleled value to our clients.

A partnership on Namibian soil

Binary City and Labour Dynamics share a common origin and a mutual commitment to excellence. Both companies were founded in Namibia, and both have grown to become leaders in their fields.

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Binary City 

Famous for its great customer service and multi award-winning Time & Attendance and Access Control solutions. Their development of BC Time (Binary City Time), a clocking application at the forefront of African tech and digital transformation, has been the preferred choice by major brands in Namibia, South Africa and other parts of Africa. A solution that undergoes tedious Research & Development, continuously over 15 years. A powerful and brilliant clocking solution for any business with a workforce.

Labour Dynamics

Talk about experience, here it is… Over 20 years of expertise in all facets of labour matters! Labour Dynamics has established itself as the ‘go-to’ premier labour relations practitioners in Namibia, offering an array of services ranging from labour law consultation to dispute resolution and employee training.  Mastering the art of labour relations and delivering unparalleled expertise.

Why does this collaboration matter to you

This partnership is more than just a business alliance, it’s a celebration of Namibian innovation and a commitment to supporting each other as leading local enterprises. By collaborating, Binary City and Labour Dynamics aim to create a synergistic relationship that benefits all clients and offer them a brilliant solution at the convenience from a trusted source - but let’s elaborate more on the points:

1. Complementary expertise

Binary City’s technological advancements in their BC Time clocking application and understanding of workforce Time & Attendance management, has earned them international recognition and award winning status. This includes winning the PMR Africa award in 2023, and the African Excellence Award in 2023, and again now in 2024 for Best Time & Attendance and Access Control Solutions Company. 

Binary City perfectly complements Labour Dynamics’ extensive experience in labour relations. Together,  offering a holistic and trusted service that addresses both the digital and human aspects of business management.

2. Enhanced client services

Clients of both companies can access world class business solutions and labour relations. Whether it’s implementing an incredible Time & Attendance and Access Control solution or navigating complex labour laws, we’re ready to share with you the best of both worlds. Ensuring clients are not only equipped with the best technology but also have the backing of expert labour relations practitioners, or vice versa. ​

3. Supporting local enterprises

By choosing to collaborate, we are reinforcing our commitment to supporting Namibian businesses. This partnership is a testament of unity within local companies. With unity and great intention, we can achieve greatness. Driving innovation in Namibia that exceeds international standards.

More about Labour Dynamics

Labour Dynamics is a leader in Namibia’s human and industrial relations landscape. 

Specialising in: 

  1. Labour law consultation
  2. Company documentation
  3. Litigation
  4. Workplace discipline 
  5. Training, and more

Labour Dynamics offers a holistic package tailored to meet your business needs. Member of the Namibian Employers Association (NEA) and the Namibian Labour Practitioners Association (NLPA). Labour Dynamics is committed to exceeding client expectations with a proactive approach and expert care.

More about Binary City

Binary City is a prominent leader in Namibia's tech industry and making its name known across Africa with its multi award-winning Time & Attendance and Access Control solutions, known for the development and support of BC Time - Advanced Time & Attendance and Access Control system. With a presence in Namibia, South Africa, and other parts of Africa, Binary City has been instrumental in driving digital transformation and providing innovative solutions that help businesses operate more efficiently. Read more here.

Specialising in: 

  1. Time & Attendance 
  2. Access Control 
  3. CCTV installation
  4. Domain and web hosting
  5. 3CX PABX / VOIP Solution, and more.

Your trust, is safe with us. 

Get ready for brilliant!

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Together, Binary City and Labour Dynamics are poised to set new standards in Time & Attendance and Access Control for business, as well as labour relations.