Highest rated Access Control Solution 2023 - Namibia

20 October 2023 by
Highest rated Access Control Solution 2023 - Namibia
Binary City CC - Dept - Marketing, Rollands Puckree

We won an award... 

Another one!

Best Access Control Solution 2023 - BC Time

Having recently won The African Excellence Award 2023, Binary City is thrilled to announce another remarkable achievement in its journey of brilliance. We have been honoured with PMR Africa's highest rated award in the business sector, the Diamond Arrow Award, for Best Access Control Solution 2023 - Namibia. This is in specific recognition to our cutting-edge Namibian tech, Binary City Time: A solution widely known amongst our clients, as BC Time.

This has come full circle for us, and we are deeply grateful for this recognition, an accolade that is a testament to Binary City's commitment to providing an incredible Time & Attendance and Access Control solution with outstanding support. Our team's passion and dedication is undeniable, aligned, and very real. This really motivates each one of us at Binary City to continue setting the highest of standards, in everything we do. Simply brilliant!

About the PMR Africa Diamond Arrow Award

The PMR Africa Diamond Arrow Award is is the most distinguished award it has to offer, and it is a reflection of the exceptional quality and impact that BC Time has to offer, not only in Time and Attendance but, with Access Control solutions. This award underscores our dedication to meeting the unique needs of our clients in Namibia, and Africa. Delivering the best-in-class solution, that every African business deserves.  

BC Time - Time and attendance and access control managing multiple clocking data from multiple branches across africa

BC Time - Leading the way in Time & Attendance and Access Control

BC Time has been a game-changer for organisations across Africa. It has redefined Time & Attendance and Access Control management, offering unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, security, and accountability. We love spoiling our clients with our amazing solutions and friendly service. We aim to please.

Whether you're a small enterprise with a handful of employees or a large corporation with a substantial workforce, BC Time and the team that's behind, will not only meet your needs, we'll show you what a great solution really feels like. Almost like a double award winning type of feeling... Definitely!

Every moment, should include a moment of gratitude

To our incredible clients and business partners in Namibia, and across Africa, who have placed their trust in us, we are extremely grateful. Thank you for your support and collaboration. It has been instrumental in our success. This award is as much yours as it is ours, and we look forward to continuing this journey of brilliance together.

What's ahead

As we celebrate this astonishing achievement, we will continue to raise the bar even higher with each step we take, in typical Binary City fashion, brilliantly. We'll continue to innovate, evolve, and provide solutions that exceed expectations. Our vision is to empower businesses, with outstanding technologies and contribute to the growth of Namibia, and Africa. Join us, we'll take care of you.

Rayno Burger

Co-founder & CEO

Rayno PMR

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