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BC Time - Beyond basic... 

It's brilliant!

Double award winning clocking system.

Professionals love BC Time!

Saves time, money and makes life so much easier... Brilliant!

HR professionals

  • Live & accurate data
  • Easy to use interface
  • Powerful integration

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Owners & investors

  • Eliminate time theft
  • Manage from anywhere 
  • Support of African technologies

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  • Paid accurately
  • No signing timesheets
  • No keys, no cards, I am the key

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IT professionals

  • End to end encrypted
  • Securely hosted at AWS
  • Powerful API integration

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User experiences


"It used to take me a week. Now it takes me 5 to 10 minutes!" - Belinda Louw

Audi Centre Windhoek

"The support team is very fast and friendly" - Amarelda Schoonbee

Momentum Metropolitan Namibia Ltd

"It's so easy and simple to enroll new employees on BC Time" - Simson Shipena

BC Time for

Happy Employees

Happy Students and farmers

​Mining sites | Medical institutes | Manufacturing plants | Residential complexes | Hospitality establishments | Retail outlets | Office buildings | Construction sites | Educational institutes | Farming & agriculture

Available across Africa!

BC Time... Beyond expectations.

A brilliant cloud-based Time & Attendance and Access Control clocking system


Every person that logs into Binary City Time is a BC Time user. Typically HR managers, business executives, site managers, etc., who will have predetermined levels of access to BC time depending on their role in the business. Ensuring every BC Time User interacts with the system in a way that's aligned with their specific role and responsibilities, ensuring both security and functionality.

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General employees do not have access to BC Time. However all employee details and biometrics will be pre-enrolled onto BC Time with an allocated set of rules for Time & Attendance calculations, tailored to your business operation. Employees will also be given a set of Access Control rules to grant or deny physical access to designated access controlled areas.

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Allow visitors access to your building without compromising on security. BC Time enhances visitor access control in your building, balancing security and convenience. Grant visitors access to designated areas with automatic expiry settings for each visit, ensuring no compromise on security. Once enrolled, visitors can be easily and securely activated or deactivated for future visits.

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Overtime rules

Master your overtime management with unparalleled flexibility. Users can establish an unlimited array of overtime rules, each customisable with specific shifts and conditions. Assign employees to tailored rules and let BC Time do the rest. Efficient, accurate, and adaptable, ensuring that work hours are calculated precisely according to your unique business needs.

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Biometric devices

Set up your biometric devices in BC Time for Time & Attendance and or Access Control. Assign devices to specific area locations and receive real-time clocking data through the cloud. A solution that is simplified, secure, with calculated data  for a dynamic and powerful workflow. That's ultimate control! Explore a wide range of biometric devices, visit our online shop.

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Overtime approval 

Gain enhanced control over overtime with BC Time’s Overtime Approval function. Perfect for those seeking precision in labour management, this feature adds an essential layer of verification to overtime calculations. Opt for BC Time Premium and embrace a more streamlined, authoritative approach to managing and approving overtime.

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Payroll integration

Embrace unmatched accuracy in payroll management with BC Time. Our solution not only facilitates payroll batch creation for easy import but also offers seamless synchronisation through our API. Connect BC Time effortlessly with your payroll system, ensuring precise and streamlined payroll processing every time. Accuracy demanded, accuracy delivered. Read more

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Calculated reporting

Transform data into actionable insights with BC Time’s powerful calculated reporting capabilities. Instantly generate or schedule comprehensive reports, including overtime, absenteeism, hours worked less than normal, late arrivals, and more. These advanced reporting come as standard features. Delivering precise information you need, when you need it, directly to your inbox.

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Experience unparalleled 'Peace of Mind' with BC Time Support. At Binary City, we prioritise brilliant support for both software and hardware. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you, backed by continuous investment in resources and tools. Choose from 'Service Level Agreement' or 'Ad Hoc' support options and enjoy top-tier assistance whenever needed.

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How it looks

Cleanest look in the business

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BC Time - Time and attendance and access control system over the city

Understanding the need for BC Time in the modern business world.

​It's the Time & Attendance and Access Control system that every business deserves to have.

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