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BC Time - The must have solution in today's business.

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Manual methods drain resources

Managing employee attendance and securing access to facilities are critical aspects of maintaining productivity and ensuring the safety of employees and assets. As businesses grow and evolve, traditional manual methods of tracking Time & Attendance and managing Access Control become cumbersome and prone to errors. This is where BC Time comes in, offering a comprehensive and efficient solution for businesses of all sizes. Time & Attendance tracking is an essential process for any organisation. BC Time provides a robust Time and Attendance system that simplifies the process of recording employee’s time spent at the workplace. By automating complex & repetitive tasks, businesses can save valuable time and resources while ensuring accuracy and compliance with labour regulations.

Time & Attendance accuracy is undeniable

With BC Time, employees can clock in and out using various biometric clocking terminals, and with authentication methods via one’s fingerprint, palm or face. This eliminates the need for outdated manual processes like paper-based timesheets or punch cards, reducing the chances of errors, time theft & ghost employees!

Stress free Access Control management

BC Time goes beyond Time & Attendance management by offering a comprehensive Access Control system. Access Control security is a top priority for businesses, and BC Time provides the necessary tools to safeguard facilities and assets. Through advanced biometric access control systems, businesses can regulate entry to specific areas and maintain a secure environment. BC Time ensure that only authorised individuals can gain access. This advanced level of security not only protects businesses from potential threats but also gives employees peace of mind knowing that their workplace is secure.

Integration saves time and offers precision

BC Time's API and integration capabilities enable seamless synchronisation with existing systems, making it easy to incorporate the solution into any business infrastructure. Our Time & Attendance software application, BC Time, can be easily integrated with any payroll system, fast tracking the payroll process and eliminating manual data entry. This integration ensures accurate wage calculations, reduces administrative burdens, and improves overall efficiency. BC Time magic!

Diverse, flexible and scalable

Our solution also extends to physical Access Control installations. Whether it's a single door or an entire facility with multiple access points, Binary City provides a range of options to meet diverse business needs. From turnstile, boom gates to electronic door access systems, businesses can choose the most suitable access control solution for their specific requirements. The flexibility and scalability of BC Time's offerings make it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Effortless solution

By implementing BC Time, businesses can experience numerous benefits. Managing your Time & Attendance and Access Control becomes effortless, eliminating time discrepancies and reducing administrative tasks. The integration of Time & Attendance machines with Access Control ensures accurate records and enhanced security. BC Time's user-friendly interface and powerful reporting capabilities provide businesses with valuable insights and data for making informed decisions.

Ultimate solution

BC Time is the number one solution for businesses seeking a highly efficient, feature packed, peace of mind Time & Attendance and Access Control management solution.

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Overview > Beyond basic > The need