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Employees - The driving force behind business success.

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Embracing employee fairness with precision technology

We recognise that the backbone of success of any business is its employees. Using BC Time means embracing the latest in technology for workplace management. Employees benefit from being part of an organisation that prioritises technological advancement, ensuring a modern and efficient work environment. BC Time is brilliantly engineered, not just for the management but, also to significantly enhance the workplace experience for employees. Adding safety, simplicity and fairness to every employee's working environment, as it should be. 

Valuing time and well-being

BC Time demonstrates a company's commitment to valuing each employee's time and well-being. By accurately tracking attendance and work hours, BC Time ensures that employees are recognised and rewarded for their dedication and hard work. This respectful approach to Time & Attendance management reflects a deeper appreciation for employee contributions, fostering a positive workplace culture.

Ensuring accurate and fair pay

One of the most tangible benefits of BC Time for employees is the assurance of accurate pay. Our system eliminates the common issues of overtime mishaps or payment errors due to incorrect timekeeping. Employees can trust that they will be compensated fairly for every hour worked, bringing peace of mind and financial security.

Simplified and secure employee clockings

BC Time is synced to advanced biometric devices, which means that the days of signing timesheets or carrying key cards are over. Employees can clock in and out with ease, using the most secure key they possess, their unique biometric data. Employees simply clock in via facial recognition, palm vein or fingerprint.  This simplicity not only makes daily routines smoother but also adds an extra layer of security, as biometric data cannot be replicated or lost like traditional key cards.

Access Control tailored for safety and convenience

BC Time elevates physical Access Control. Enhancing workplace safety and adds convenience for employee clockings. By pre-enrolling employee overtime rules and biometrics on BC Time, the system grants or denies physical access to designated areas based on tailored rules. This not only secures the workplace but also streamlines access, making it more efficient and employee-friendly.

BC Time - A symbol of trust and modernity

BC Time is more than a precision Time & Attendance and Access Control business application, it's a symbol of an employer's love & respect for their employees time. The implementation of BC Time by companies show that they are forward-thinking and employee-centric, an aspect that resonates strongly with the workforce of today.

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Overview > Beyond basic > Employee