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Visionary decision-makers want precision & accountability

You are here because you are tired of the same old nonsense, well you're in the right city now! Binary City understand the unique challenges and responsibilities that come with being a business owner, board member, private & governmental institute stakeholder or investor. BC Time takes the complexities of daily processes and simplifies it. It's an astonishing cloud-based, double award winning Time & Attendance and Access Control business application. Now reaching nearly 15 years of continuous research & development. Accompanied with a five star proven track record of support & innovation. They say that every investors dream is a sure thing. We present to you, BC Time. It will transform how your business operates, in a brilliant way. 

Fostering in a culture of 'time respect' at the workplace

BC Time instils a deep-seated respect for time in the workplace. It's not just about tracking hours, it's about valuing every moment and making every moment count. This is especially needed when you are paying employees per an hour. This cultural shift leads to enhanced productivity and a more engaged workforce, directly benefiting the bottom line.

Combating time theft at the workplace

Time theft is a massive issue for business across Africa. Yet it's often overlooked and can significantly impact a business's profitability. Ghost employees is something  very common when there's a manual, pen & paper type, process involved for employee attendance tracking. BC Time addresses this challenge, head-on! Providing precise, biometric authentication, clocking  data, with powerful calculated reporting that deters time theft and ensures fair labour practices. It's an outstanding solution and certainly is absolutely brilliant! Managing the complexities of Time and Attendance as well as Access Control is now made easy, secure & accurate. 

Stabilising payroll budgets with accurate tracking

With BC Time, payroll becomes predictable and manageable. By accurately tracking Time and Attendance with biometric authentications and advanced features like 'Overtime approval', you're not in for any surprises. Clients love this about BC Time. Allowing them better financial planning and resource allocation. 

Pinnacle of data security standards

BC Time upholds the highest standards of data security, ensuring sensitive employee and company information is protected. Our commitment to security gives owners and investors peace of mind. BC Time is securely encrypted, independently audited annually and premiumly hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Access to a reliable and experienced technology partner

Partnering with Binary City means more than just using our software. It's about having a reliable, experienced technology ally by your side. Our team is dedicated, knowledgeable and fully accountable, ensuring BC Time works brilliantly for you and evolves with your business needs.

Driving decision-making with accurate data

BC Time turns Time & Attendance and Access Control data into actionable insights. Owners and investors gain a clear view of workforce trends, late arrivals, hours worked less than normal, operational efficiencies, and areas for improvement. Empowering decision-makers to make data-driven decisions for their businesses.

Scalability for Growth

As your business grows, BC Time grows with you. BC Time easily adapts to your changing needs, ensuring it remains a valuable tool no matter the size or scope of your operations. Be it 5 employees or 5000 employees, BC Time will forever be, limitless to growth. 

Building a foundation for future success of your investment

As you have read above, BC Time is not just for multi million dollar application, it's a African  solution for every business with any sized workforce. Implementing BC Time forms part of laying the groundwork for long-term success in a business. By immediately practising a new way of managing Time & Attendance and Access Control. Optimising workforce management, enhancing efficiency, and prioritising data security. BC Time immediately positions your business at the forefront of innovation and growth, now & forevermore.

BC Time - A proud African developed technology

Developed in the land of the brave - Namibia, BC Time stands as a testament to the prowess and potential of African technologies. By choosing BC Time, owners and investors are not just optimising their business operations to the highest of standards, they are actively supporting and participating in the growth of an highly advanced, African-developed technology. This commitment to local innovation reflects a broader strategy of sustainable and community-oriented business practices, which is increasingly valued in the global economy.

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