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HR Professionals - The love for efficiency.

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Simplifying HR processes with BC Time

BC Time is easy to use! Extremely accurate and it saves so much time. As one of our clients said in a video interview, "What used to take me a week, now takes me 5 to 10 minutes!". We understand HR processes, and the challenges of Time & Attendance management. BC Time solves the challenges and adds extreme efficiency to daily processes. BC Time is Africa's answer to a brilliant Time & Attendance and Access Control cloud-based software, with HR professionals completely in mind.

Brilliant Time and Attendance management

BC Time revolutionises attendance tracking, making it easy and efficient. Gone are the days of manual logs and spreadsheets. Our intuitive system seamlessly integrates with existing HR platforms, offering real-time attendance data at your fingertips.

Labour law compliance and accuracy

We know how critical compliance is for HR. BC Time ensures accurate record-keeping and adherence to labour laws, reducing the risk of major non-compliance penalties.

Advanced reporting and analytics

Make informed decisions with BC Time's comprehensive reporting tools. Customizable reports provide deep insights into workforce trends, helping HR to optimise staffing, plan for future needs, and identify areas for improvement.

Payroll integration

BC Time integrates with any payroll systems, ensuring accurate and timely compensation based on attendance data. This integration reduces errors and saves countless hours in payroll processing, allowing HR to focus on strategic initiatives. 

Integration details:

  • Payroll integration - Standard
    • We offer a basic integration to any payroll system, for all BC Time users as standard! One would only need to download an exported file and upload it to their payroll system.
  • Payroll integration - API
    •  Synchronise your data across platforms using BC Time's API. Calculated Time & Attendance data is accurately & seamlessly received by your payroll system. (add-on feature)
  • Active directory syncing
    • Synchronise BC Time with Active directories. (add-on feature) 

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Brilliant solution, brilliant support

BC Time fits the unique needs of HR business professionals. That's why we have a fully dedicated and brilliant BC Time support team, ensuring everything is perfectly aligned with your needs. Implementing a BC Time solution means you get complete peace of mind, it's a fact.

Build a happier, more productive workplace with BC Time

BC Time is about enhancing the overall work experience with efficiency. Having BC Time, HR can focus on what truly matters – building a happy and productive workplace.

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Overview > Beyond basic > HR Professionals