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Welcome to our reseller opportunity program. 

Join the new benchmark of brilliant solutions & services for businesses and people of Africa.  Binary City is committed to the growth of local businesses who share our approach to customer service, installation standards, and who offer the benefits of Binary City technologies to others. If your business resides in Africa, we welcome you to become an approved reseller of Binary City technologies, and of that of our partners, for your area.

Time and attendance Access Control BC Time cloud application

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Binary City Time (BC Time)

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Complex Management Solution - Estate management software complex management software by Binary City 

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Complex Management Solution (CMS)

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Become an approved hardware reseller or installer of Binary City​


Service accreditation

You'll be awarded specialised Binary City Service Accreditation recognition. Showcasing you and your company as a trusted affiliate of Binary City. 

Reseller discounts

Resellers of Binary City software technologies, and of our hardware partners, will receive favourable discounts. 

Referral fee - Once off cash benefits

Resellers or installers who inform or direct clients to make use of Binary City's software technologies or services, successfully, will likely be eligible for once of cash benefits.  T's & C's apply.

Referral fees - Monthly cash benefits

Resellers or installers who inform or direct clients to make use of Binary City's software technologies or services, successfully, will likely be eligible for monthly cash benefits. T's & C's apply.

Quote for installation opportunities

You'll be part of a very specialised and limited group of installation teams who bare the stature of Binary City's Service Accreditation therefore, you will be awarded the privilege to quote on installation projects. If approved, you will fulfill installation project as quoted, as an approved 3rd party representative of Binary City. Quote requests will be based on your location in Africa and the areas you are able to service.

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Binary City resellers of Africa

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Professional hardware installation by Binary City

Why use Binary City or approved installers of Binary City

Selecting us and our endorsed reseller's & installers signifies your commitment to a consistent, elevated standard of service. This is what endears us to our clients - a commitment to excellence in workmanship, unwavering expertise, technological innovation, reliability, ethical business practices, and accountability. We are deeply dedicated to solutions that not only enhance business operations but also enrich the lives of local households. Whether it's replacing gate motor batteries or overseeing cross-border access control projects, we provide peace of mind, backed by robust technical knowledge to support our solutions.

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BC Time - Time and attendance and access control made easy

Time and Attendance system that makes complete business sense

BC Time is a Time and Attendance solution that solves daily problems that every business with a workforce faces.     

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Binary City future of Time and attendance in 2024

Time and Attendance in 2024. We're in the future, join us!

Still not not sure about getting a Time and Attendance system for your business? Allow us this moment, click the link below and take a look at what we have to say. 

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BC Time - Time and attendance and access control software managing multiple branches.

Better Access Control management? The answer is BC Time!

BC Time allows businesses to manage their Time and Attendance as well as their physical Access Control with complete ease. Elevate your security and easily manage your Access Control. Know who, when and where. 

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