Today's Mistake : Not Believing

Article by : Mrs Montenique Bekker - Binary City Head of Sales
23 March 2021 by
Today's Mistake : Not Believing
Binary City CC - Dept - Marketing, Rollands Puckree

Today's mistake : Not believing their product is worth the cost!

This week, let's discuss the typical mistakes made by sales people. Everyday I will post one detailed mistake.  Have you ever noticed a salesperson that is not completely certain about the product that they are selling?

Well, this is because they have little to no belief in the price that they are selling the product for.  Despite what many people think, salespeople aren’t actors.  This is why few of us are able to convince prospects that something is worth the price if we don’t believe in it.

There’s nothing more detrimental to a sales career than selling a product you don’t believe in or one that you think is overpriced.  If you find yourself in this position you would then want to know what is the solution to the problem mentioned, right?

Here is the answer - You educate yourself about the product completely...and when I say ‘educate’, you dig deep and make yourself aware! You understand why this product is priced the way it is, this will then ultimately help you make the client understand why the product is priced the way it is or because of your passion and knowledge about the product the prospect will catch on and follow your lead and recommendations.

Montenique Bekker

Head of Sales - Binary City