BC Saints Help Namibian Students Explore the World of Science

BC Saints visits Sunshine Private College
24 February 2023 by
BC Saints Help Namibian Students Explore the World of Science
Binary City CC - Dept - Marketing, Rollands Puckree

Empowering Young Scientists: Binary City Saints visits Sunshine Private Colleges' Science Lab

Science experiments are an essential component of Science Education. However most Namibian schools face huge challenges with sourcing & funding chemicals & lab equipment.

Shortages of chemicals in Namibian school labs:

Most Namibian schools  face shortages of chemicals and equipment necessary for conducting science experiments. The lack of chemicals and equipment is often due to a lack of funding, with schools unable to afford the high costs of purchasing and maintaining such resources.

In some cases, chemicals are simply not available in Namibia, and schools must import them at great expense. The shortage of chemicals and equipment has a detrimental effect on the quality of science education in Namibia, making it difficult for students to develop essential scientific skills and knowledge.

The importance of conducting science experiments for young learners

Science experiments are an essential component of science education, providing students with the opportunity to explore scientific concepts in a hands-on manner. Through conducting experiments, students can develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as gain a deeper understanding of scientific principles.

Science experiments also help to foster an interest in science among young learners, inspiring them to pursue careers in scientific fields and contributing to the development of a scientifically literate society.

Additionally, science experiments can be used to demonstrate the relevance of scientific concepts to real-world issues and challenges, helping students to develop an appreciation for the practical applications of science.

Binary City Saints team steps in to help Sunshine Private College with supplies

We heard the calls for help from the teachers of Sunshine Private College who are committed to ensuring their students get the best opportunity to understand the world of science. Darius Burger and Rayno Burger, Co-founders of Binary City, personally went to Sunshine Private School to meet with some of the teachers and students, to share in their excitement of having received lab chemicals & equipment. 

We were also given the privilege to witness a live science experiment. No matter how many words you use to describe a science experiment, nothing compares to watching it live.  It was fascinating and extremely informative! We could not be more happy for all their science students to experience this next.


BC Saints visits Sunshine Private College

What can you do to help Namibian Schools?

We wish we could help every single school in Namibia, Africa & the world but this is near impossible. What we can do is encourage others to be part of the solution too. Let's work together to ensure that all students have access to the resources they need to explore the world of science and develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

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