19 August 2022 by
Binary City CC - Dept - Marketing, Rollands Puckree

Namibian Muay Thai Fighters go to South Africa to compete in the Eclipse Fight League

Ever heard of Muay Thai fighting? It's an incredible skill of mixed martial arts. Sometimes referred to as Thai boxing, this combat sport is highly more technical than what most believe it to be and requires extreme discipline & dedication to be competitive. 

With that said, Combat Club Windhoek, founded by Pedro Costa, has three talented Namibian Muay Thai fighters, Sonja Simon, Kyle Ducie and Mutua Mutuku. They will be in action this weekend in Johannesburg, South Africa in the Eclipse Fight League. One of them is actually fighting for a title, wow!

There's a full article in The Namibian.

Binary City is incredibly proud of Sonja, Kyle & Mutua and wish them all the best in their match ups. We also take this moment to thank Pedro Costa for doing incredible work with young people. If anyone would like to contact Combat Club Windhoek, please check out their Facebook page.