ZKTeco IN01-A/ID [Wi-Fi]


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    ZKTeco IN01-A/ID WiFi - Fingerprint and RFID authentication terminal with a built-in backup battery


    The IN01-A is our number 1 selling time & attendance device and is very user friendly. This WiFi version makes this terminal even more easy to install than it's sister model. Plug in a power supply and connect to your WiFi. It also it comes with a built-in battery backup.


    • Fingerprints that can be stored: 3,000

    • RFID cards that can be stored: 10,000

    • Transactions stored in memory stored: 100,000

    • Method of communication: TCP/IP by default, but also USB and RS485

    • Power supply: 12V DC 3A. With a built-in battery backup that will keep the device online for ± 1 and a half hours

    • WiFi enabled device


    This device cannot be installed outside and works best in an environment where staff typically need to pass when entering their workplace.