ZKTeco SpeedFace RFID


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    SpeedFace RFID - Face, Palm & RFID authentication terminal with mask detection technology

    The SpeedFace RFID is a high-speed touchless biometric time & attendance and access control terminal with RFID, FACE and PALM vein recognition with MASK detection. The SpeedFace RFID uses intelligent engineering facial recognition algorithms and the latest computer vision technology. It boasts a large template capacity, speedy recognition and improves security performance in all aspects.

        Ideal for Access Control & Time & Attendance 
        5-inch touchscreen display
        Supports up to 6,000 faces
        Supports up to 3000 Palm Templates
        Supports up to 10,000 cards
        Operates in total darkness & bright sunlight (< 50k Lux)
        Comms: TCP/IP, Wiegand In/Out, RS485, Wifi
        Visible light camera (speed & remote face enrollment)
        Infrared light camera (accuracy)
        Powerful anti-spoofing engine
        Controls door lock, alarm, exit button, auxiliary input