ZKTeco ProFace-X (TI)


This product is no longer available.

ProFace-X [TD] - Face & Palm authentication terminal with Mask and Temperature detection technology

ProFace-X [TI] is a fully upgraded version of the ProFace product line, which is designed to deal with all kinds of scenarios. ProFace-X [TI] also helps eliminate hygiene concerns; not only because of the contactless recognition technology it is equipped with, but also because of the new functions namely body temperature detection and masked individual identification.

    Ideal for Access Control & Time & Attendance applications
    8-inch touchscreen display
    Supports up to 50,000 faces and 5,000 palms
    + Body Temperature Detection (0.3°C< 50cm)
    + Mask Detection (recognizes faces wearing a mask)
    Comms: TCP/IP, Wiegand In/Out, RS485,
    Visible light camera (speed & remote face enrollment)
    Thermal imaging camera (accuracy)
    Powerful anti-spoofing engine
    Controls door lock, alarm, exit button, auxiliary input