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Break Glass Unit
Green Emergency Break Glass Unit
17.55 17.55 USD
ZKTeco FR1500 Silk F/P Terminal + RFID
ZKTeco FR1500 - Fingerprint and RFID authentication slave terminal
159.30 159.3 USD
ZKTeco F22 F/P Terminal + RFID [Wi-Fi]
ZKTeco F22 - Fingerprint and RFID authentication terminal with SilkID technology
252.32 252.32 USD
ZKTeco Speedface-V4L
SpeedFace-V4L - Face, Palm, RFID Card and Password authentication terminal
355.87 355.87 USD
ZKTeco IN01-A/ID [Wi-Fi]
ZKTeco IN01-A/ID WiFi - Fingerprint and RFID authentication terminal with a built-in backup battery
423.66 423.66 USD
ZKT UHF Tag Sticker
ZKTeco UHF Tag sticker
0.77 0.77 USD
ZKT UHF Numberplate Tag
UHF ZKTeco vehicle number plate tag
3.53 3.5300000000000002 USD
HIK Acusense 4MP VF Bullet
4 MP AcuSense Powered-by-DarkFighter Motorised Varifocal Bullet Network Camera
242.58 242.58 USD
HIK IP Dome VF Accusense 4MP
4 MP AcuSense Powered-by-DarkFighter Motorised Varifocal Dome Network Camera
297.72 297.72 USD
HIK 4MP Acusense Dome
4 MP AcuSense Powered-by-DarkFighter Fixed Dome Network Camera
133.70 133.7 USD
HIK 4MP Acusense Bullet
4 MP AcuSense Powered-by-DarkFighter Fixed Bullet Network Camera
128.64 128.64000000000001 USD
ZKTeco ProMA VL FR Access Control Device
ProMA is a high-end outdoor multi-biometric access control standalone terminal built with ultra-robust aluminum alloy casted casing.
845.20 845.2 USD
ZKTeco D180 Handheld Metal Detector
ZK-D180 ZK-D180 - Compact size , Portable, Visualize metal detection indicator with Rechargeable battery and charger
84.73 84.73 USD
ZKTeco D1065S Walk-Through Metal Detector
ZKTeco D1065S 6 Zone walk through metal detector - Small LCD screen,Sound & LED alarms with 4-8 hours backup battery
847.32 847.32 USD
ZKTeco D2180 Walk-Through Metal Detector
ZK-D2180 - 18 detection zones, 256 sensitivity levels, 3.5’’ LCD display & supports to connect with app
1,287.93 1287.93 USD
ZKTeco D4330 Walk-Through Metal Detector
ZK-D4330 - Walk through metal detector for security inspection, 33 detection zones 7" LCD display and remote control
3,860.39 3860.39 USD