A great mind is given opportunity

Magred gets a new Laptop!
9 March 2022 by
A great mind is given opportunity
Binary City CC - Dept - Marketing, Rollands Puckree

Magred is a bright young mind who passed Grade 12 with outstanding results & was accepted to NUST to study Accounting. However, the dream was almost shattered...almost.  

When 19 year old Magred got accepted to NUST, she sadly came to the realisation that her dreams of furthering her education would be short lived. Her parents, as much as they'd love to send their daughter to university, simply could not due to dad's low income and mom being unemployed,

Her story reached the media and an article was written in the The Namibian, "whiz kid pleads for university funding". With the incredible help from team Radiowave, this story touched people's hearts all over Namibia and, enough money was raised for her registration. AMAZING! But..she still needed one very important tool, a laptop. After all, she's studying accounting. 

Who better to understand the value of using the correct tools more than Binary City! Our friends at Radiowave reached out to Rayno Burger, Binary City's Co-founder, who gladly  agreed to get together in February 2022 and surprise Magred with a new laptop! 

Watch the Video - What a joyful moment!



We wish you all the best in your academic career Magred, enjoy your new laptop. :-)

Binary City.

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