Collaborate with others on Google Calendar invites in Google Docs

Collaborate seamlessly on Google Calendar invites directly within Google Docs!

What's up

Google Calendar invites within Google Docs

We have fantastic news to share regarding our productivity and collaboration efforts. Google has recently introduced an exciting update that allows us to collaborate seamlessly on Google Calendar invites directly within Google Docs!

With this new feature, we can now create and edit calendar invites collaboratively, eliminating the need for back-and-forth emails or separate document sharing. It streamlines our workflow and ensures everyone is on the same page.


Enhanced collaboration

By working together on Google Calendar invites within Google Docs, we can now collaborate in real time, making edits, suggestions, and updates simultaneously. It saves us valuable time and ensures that everyone's input is captured efficiently.

Centralised information

With this integration, we no longer need to switch between different platforms or applications to coordinate and manage calendar events. All relevant details, including date, time, location, attendees, and descriptions, can be conveniently edited and reviewed within the same document.

Version control and history

Google Docs provides robust version control and revision history features. With this update, we can easily track changes made to calendar invites, review previous versions, and revert to earlier iterations if needed. It adds an extra layer of organization and accountability to our collaboration process.

How it works

Create new

Create a new Google Docs document or open an existing one.


Within the document, go to "Insert" in the menu and select "Calendar".

Google Calendar interface display

A sidebar will appear on the right side of the document, displaying a Google Calendar interface.

Create, edit, and manage

From there, you can create, edit, and manage calendar invites, add attendees, set event details, and more.

Real-time and synchronized

All changes made within the Google Calendar sidebar will be reflected in real-time and synchronized with your Google Calendar.

What you need to do

Explore and experiment

We encourage each of you to explore and experiment with this new functionality. Let's leverage this update to enhance our collaboration, streamline our scheduling process, and ensure smooth coordination of meetings and events. Should you have any questions or require assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to the SA team.

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