Easily expand and collapse content in Google Docs

Google Docs gives us the ability to hide or reveal content as needed.

What's up

Effortlessly expand and collapse content

I have some fantastic news to share that will surely enhance our collaboration and productivity while using Google Docs. Google has recently released an update that allows us to effortlessly expand and collapse content within our documents, making organization and readability a breeze!

With this new feature, we can now create collapsible sections within our Google Docs, giving us the ability to hide or reveal content as needed. It's an excellent solution for lengthy documents, complex outlines, or any material where we want to improve the overall user experience


Improved document organization

We can now structure our documents more effectively by collapsing sections that are not immediately relevant, making it easier for readers to navigate through the content.

Streamlined collaboration

When working on shared documents, the expand and collapse feature ensures that everyone can focus on their respective sections without distractions. It's a convenient way to keep the document clean and organized, particularly during group projects or when editing multiple sections.

Simplified reading experience

Readers will appreciate the ability to collapse or expand sections at will, enabling them to quickly access the information they need without feeling overwhelmed by extensive content.

How it works

Select the desired section or headings

To utilize this feature, simply select the desired section or headings within your Google Doc and click on the small triangle icon that appears to the left.

Collapse or expand

It will allow you to collapse or expand the chosen content with a single click.


You can also use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + Alt + Shift + -" to collapse or expand sections.

What you need to do

Explore and experiment

I encourage each of you to explore and experiment with this new functionality. Let's leverage this update to improve our workflow, increase document clarity, and streamline collaboration efforts.

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Click the button to visit the Easily expand and collapse content feature in Google Docs feature on the Google update blog. 

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Discover the Easily expand and collapse content in Google Docs! Click the button for a short and helpful guide on how to make the most of this feature

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