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BC Saints visa ajudar pessoas e comunidades necessitadas

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Com tanta coisa acontecendo no mundo ao nosso redor, algumas boas, outras ruins, o lançamento de Binary City Saints visa oferecer mais coisas boas ao nosso mundo e a todos que vivem nele. 

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Blood Donation Day

08 December 2023

Time: 09h30 - 14h45
Address: Binary City, 54 Marconi Street, Southern Industrial, Windhoek, Namibia

Free lunch & WiFi available

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Previous events

Blood donation 06 oct 2023

Blood Donation Day

06 October 2023

We had a successful Blood Donation Day, thank you for the  great turn out.

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Blood donation 17 aug 2023

Blood Donation Day

11 August 2023

We had a great turn out and lives where saved. Thank you to everyone that came to participate.

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Blood donation 16 jun 2023

Blood Donation Day

16 June 2023

We had 58 donors and saved 174 lives saved.

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Winter knights

BC Saints & the Winter Knights

02 June 2023

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Blood donation 21 apr 2023

Blood Donation Day

21 April 2023

We had 40 donors and saved 120 lives.

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Blood donation 17 feb 2023

Blood Donation Day

17 February 2023

We had a great turn out of 40 donations equivalent to 120 lives saved.               

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Blood donation nov

Namibia BTS & Binary City last clinic for 2022

November 2022

We held a fantastic blood donation day on November 25, 2022, to close of the year and come back stronger next year.

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Blood donation sep 2022

Blood Donation Day

September 2022

We had a successful Blood Donation Day...128 lives saved!

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Blood donation june

 Blood Donation Day

June 2022

BC Saints team came together to deliver another awarding winning Blood Donation Day at Binary City headquarters. Outstanding!

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Winter knights n jun 2022

BC Saints...Winter Knights!

June 2022

Binary City Saints joins the Round Table - Namibia Area in participating in their 'Winter Knights' campaign by collecting blankets & winter clothes.

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Blood donation feb 2022

A great mind is given opportunity

February 2022

February 2022-Magred gets a new Laptop!

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Blood donation apr 2022

Blood Donation Day

April 2022

BC Saints together with NAMBTS hosted a successful Blood Donation Day at Binary City.

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Blood donation nov 2022

Bless the Broken Roads

November 2021

Christmas 2021 - A touching moment for all of us. The official launch of BC Saints.

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Blood donation mar 2022

Blood Donation Day

March 2021

March 2021 -Binary City hosted another Blood Donation Day.

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We cannot help the whole world, but the world needs all the good we can give. Let us not stand still....let's do what we can.