Branch updates - Multi country implementations

Previous branch setting: 

BC Time previously used the company profile set up to determine the country (region and location) of the company

  • Country was selected on the company profile

  • Public holidays were set according to the country of the company profile, limiting the ability to do time & attendance calculations across countries on a single profile

  • You could then only select the city in which the branch was situated based on the country selected for the company profile

Branch updates: Multi country implementations

BC Time has now updated the way it handles the countries (region and location):

  • The default country of the company profile, will still be selected on the company profile, however

  • We have added the option to place a branch in a different country

  • The city in which the branch is located, can now be specified of the country that the branch is in, if this is different than the company profile

  • Public holidays' set up is specific to the branch allocation for employees

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