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Why Binary City Time?

What is Binary City Time?

It is a cloud based software solution to manage your staff time & attendance and / or your building access control.

The solution is hosted by Binary City, which allows you the freedom to access your information anytime, anywhere from virtually any device, without worrying about backups and the safety of your data.

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Does it calculate my staff’s hours?

Yes, absolutely. Each staff members is connected to overtime rules, which defines how the employee’s hours should be calculated. Our overtime rules are known to be very easy to configure, yet very configurable to get your hours just right.


How many staff do I need to manage the system?

We pride ourselves to provide a seamless system that doesn’t need user intervention once the system is correctly configured. Therefore, let our system simply email the necessary reports to the necessary departments, and sit back and relax.


Which devices can I connect with?

Binary City Time seamlessly connect with any of the ZKTeco range of products, which gives you an affordable choice of employee and visitor authentication by means of fingerprint, facial recognition, RFID cards or PIN codes.


Can I integrate with my payroll system?

Of course! You can export the calculated hours and import it into your payroll system.

We most often integrate with VIP Payroll, Pastel Payroll and D-Bit Payroll, but we can integrate with any system that allows it.

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Major Features?


Is it affordable?

Binary City Time, fairly, only charges for what you used. We charge a per employee, per visitor, per device and per user billing on a monthly (or annual) basis.

Most of our clients prefer paying monthly, making it one of the most affordable systems on the market. If you hired casuals in one month of the year, why should you pay for them all year long? Our thoughts exactly!


Which reports are available?

There are many reports available in the system, and they can be filtered as you wish, but the most commonly used reports are these...

Time & Attendance:

  • Timesheet (Detailed)

  • Summarised Overtime

  • Absent and Late Arrivals

  • Weekdays Worked

  • Shift Counter


  • Who is (or was) where now (certain time)

  • Detailed report of movement

  • Who has access where

Device Communication?

Binary City Time seamlessly communicate with the biometric devices. No worries about “pushing and pulling” information to and from devices. Also, no “draining” of attendance data.

Our system will communicate without you even knowing about it, and just report correctly so that you can focus on what’s important.

Apart from you not worrying about IT stuff, our system reports live. You can see right now, who is absent, or were late today. In any of your locations, anywhere in the world.

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But will my department heads even log into the system?

They will, because the information will give them power - but let’s say your colleagues rather just need reports from the system, and are too busy to log in.

No problem - Schedule all the reports you need for each department’s head and let them manage their staff attendance, or sensitive security areas, without even leaving their mailboxes.


3rd Party Integration

I have a wonderful system in place to manage my staff employment and termination processes. Effectively,  the input on my HR or Payroll system already fully ensures that all procedural boxes were ticked. Do I really need to recapture staff for time & attendance and security in Binary City Time? Staff details will go out of sync.

Of course we’ve got you perfectly covered here too. You can enable our API which allows you to programmatically update staff details from your HR system.

Imagine this:

  1. Your staff member or contractor is done being vetted and through your hiring processes loaded on the HR system.

  2. On the day the new person arrives, a simple enrollment of the person’s fingerprint (or any other authentication method) takes place.

  3. The person can immediately, seamless start walking throughout your building, having the correct access and overtime rule allocations to him or her in Binary City Time.

  4. Binary City Time immediately starts reporting on the person (without any direct input ever into Binary City Time - just like that!).

  5. When this new person doesn’t pitch at work, Binary City Time seamlessly reports that the person is absent (if no leave record exists).

  6. At the end of the month, Binary City Time calculates the hours the person worked, and your payroll system gets the hours processed seamlessly.


I need to work with the calculated data from Binary City Time, is this possible?

Yes, absolutely. You can access the calculated information from Binary City Time to use this for any purpose outside of what Binary City Time can assist you with.

Example Case Study (Bill back parking):

  • Our client had a requirement to bill back the time staff parked their cars in the parking area.

Our Implemented Solution:

  • We assisted a 3rd party software solution (that is dedicated to park billing) with integration via our API.

  • Binary City Time knows how long each staff member spent each day (or period) in the parking area.

  • These records are seamlessly passed to the 3rd party company who then bills the staff correctly.

Why Us?

Combined, the owners of Binary City, have 37 years experience in creating software solutions - most often to the auditing industry, and companies that has a high reliance on financial correctness.

  • Binary City opened our doors in 2009 and have since grown to outshine the competition with our Time & Attendance and Security solution, especially since launching our cloud based version, Binary City Time in 2016. Why? Because we listen to our clients, and our system is extremely user friendly.

  • The Binary City team has a very deep passion to help our clients. You’ll appreciate this from the 1st call you make to us. Give it try. Call us now.

  • We appreciate that no two businesses are the same, that is why  Binary City Time can implemented from the small business right up to large enterprises that stretches across the globe. But no matter what size your business is - you will get the same amazing system and service.

  • Binary City Time is developed in house by Binary City staff. Our dedicated development team is able to respond rapidly with changing trends and new advances in the technology world, ensuring our clients will always enjoy a solution that is a step ahead of our competition.

  • Despite our team’s wealth of experience and professional service delivery, you will always feel welcome when working with us, because once you implement Binary City Time, you not only become our client, but your business and employees will also become part of our family - which allows you to share your ideas and concerns with the team and you can be guaranteed this would be valued tremendously.

  • So why wait any longer, our team is standing by, eagerly waiting to welcome you to our family.