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Binary City Time

Are you still using SmarTime Client, read here why you should migrate.

A cloud based system, providing you with the freedom to access your profile from any where in the world, virtually on any device.

Our software addresses two business needs from one user centric platform, namely:

Time & Attendance

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Staff simply clock at one of the clocking stations, and the hours gets processed by means of overtime rules (of which you can set up as many as you need), accurately and reported correctly.

All hours are then reported, split into:

  • Normal time

  • Overtime

  • Double time

  • Night-Time

  • Shifts worked

  • Late arrivals

  • Leave taken

  • And more...

Access Control

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Use Binary City Time to define access control areas in your building and control where and when staff (and visitors) may go. Access is controlled by means of fingerprint, facial, pincode and/or RFID card.

Major features:

  • Unlimited number of access groups

  • Any combination of 50 time zones

  • Track staff movements

  • Track time spent in areas

  • Visitor management

  • Easy and accessible reporting

  • Anti-passback (With F17/F12 Devices)

  • Real time access changes