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Time & Attendance and Access Control business application.

Binary City Time, widely known today as BC Time, is a cloud based application that has almost 15 years of development behind it.  

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How it works

It works brilliantly! Some would even say, "it works like magic"

Employees clock-in 

Employees authenticate themselves at a biometric clocking terminal, either by facial recognition, palm recognition, fingerprint recognition or RFID card recognition. 

 Clocking devices are synced to BC Time

The BC Time cloud application then accurately processes that clocking data for Time & Attendance and simultaneously enforces Access Control. Easily allocate employees to predetermined set of rules to grant or deny physical access  to a particular area.

BC Time magic

BC Time automatically calculates the clocking hours for Time & Attendance e.g. normal time, overtime, double time, short time, etc. System users get notified on late arrivals, absent team members, and having access to almost any other report one may need. Synchronise data seamlessly with your payroll or identity provider system for accurate records and operation efficiency.

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Why pro people love BC Time 

HR professionals

BC Time is easy to use! Extremely accurate and it saves so much time. As one of our clients said in a video interview, "What took me days, now takes me minutes!" We understand HR processes, and the challenges of Time & Attendance management. BC Time solves the challenges and adds extreme efficiency to daily processes.

Owners & investors

Business owners, board members, private & governmental institutes use the  BC Time application as a 'precision business tool'. Helping them, and their managers, culture in a sense of time respect at the workplace. Eliminating time theft, stabilising payroll budgets, increasing data security standards and having access to a highly reliable & experienced technology partner - Binary City.


Clocking with BC Time shows employees how much we value their time and well being at the workplace. Employees are paid accurately for their time without any overtime mishaps or payment errors due to incorrect time keeping. Also, using our biometric solutions means no more signing timesheets or having the need to carry key cards....you are the key, brilliant!

IT professionals

IT pros' respect the fact that BC Time is highly encrypted and securely hosted at AWS. Capable of high performance system integrations using BC Time's API key. Fast & friendly support. It is what Binary City is very famous for, a great product with great service!

The prefered choice for major brands

Engineered for any  industry


Health Care






...across Africa!

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How it works  Why pro people love BC Time  User experiences  Insights & features  How it looks  Subscription cost    Understanding the need   Go to the top